Craps advice

Craps Betting Tips

August 21, 2018

Pass Line This is the standard bet in the game of craps, and with a 1.41 percent house edge, it is considered by most players as one the best bets on the Crap’s layout. If you prefer a simple andRead More

Free Odds on the Pass Line

August 14, 2018

After the establishment of a point, the craps player has the option to increase his pass line bet and this is done by taking odds. The payment of Free Odds is made based entirely on the True Odds. This meansRead More

Place and Proposition Bets

March 27, 2018

The Place Bet is similar to Buy Bet and the only distinction between these 2 types of craps bets is that when a player buys a point, the craps player also pays a commission which is equivalent to 5 percentRead More