Place and Proposition Bets

The Place Bet is similar to Buy Bet and the only distinction between these 2 types of craps bets is that when a player buys a point, the craps player also pays a commission which is equivalent to 5 percent of the said amount. The place bet is the type of craps bet that is defined as on-demand point. The subject commission is paid with true odds in the event that the bet wins, which is 6 to 5 for six and eight dice rolls, 3 to 2 for five and nine dice rolls and 2 to 1 for four and ten dice rolls. On the other hand, the house has an edge of 4.76 percent on buy bets. This means that the Buy Bet can be considered a better bet than the Place Bet on the 10 and 4, while a worse bet on the other remaining numbers. There are casinos that apply the 5 percent commission exclusively on a winning dice roll. However, this type of craps bet is normally placed after the establishment of a point number.

Proposition Bets

A proposition bet is the type of craps bet that a craps player can make on any dice roll. These bets are sometimes referred to as “sucker bets.” It gained this attribution mainly because the house edges on such type of bets are relatively higher than in the other types of bets on the craps table. However, proposition bets meet the requirements of high rollers. Even if you are not inclined to make proposition bets in your craps game, it is still necessary that you become familiar with this type of craps bet as it is often used by craps players.
You have to adopt a solid money management system when you opt for one roll bets to ensure that you don’t lose more money than you can actually afford.

Proposition bets are divided into 2 categories – One Roll Bets and Hardway Bets.

One Roll bets are the craps bets made on the number that the craps player believe will come out on the very next dice roll. These craps bets have higher payout percentages than the Hardway Bets. And because of this, one roll bets generally have higher house edges. One roll bets are the most exciting and riskiest among all the forms of craps bets, and one can break or make a craps player in just a single dice roll.