Reading People in Poker

Ah, to be in the world of online poker and not have to deal with your own poker tells. It’s all well and good for you to use other people’s poker tells against them, but the very last thing that you want to do is to have your own poker tells used against you!

This is another reason why many people find online poker rooms to be to their liking: the lack of real people seated right next to you to have to deal with. You can play in your bathrobe and slippers at any hour of the day or night and no one will be wiser for it.

You can have as many curlers in your hair, or be as ungroomed as you like and no one will come to politely ask you to clean up. Hey, no one will even care if you don’t take a wash for an entire week!

Go out of the online casino rooms and you will not only have to do all of these things, but you will also have to guard your behavior against the eagle eyes of the other players, who will all be looking to see what your particular poker tells are.

However, if you are playing against someone who has a very good poker face, or someone who is used to guarding their emotions very well, you might have a tougher time of it than you think.

Then there are those players who are so experienced that you can’t really tell what they are doing, or whether they are even using your eagle eyed examination of their playing methods against you.

This can very easily be done by someone who is used to controlling their every expression and gesture and who is used to not giving away much information. All these players need to do is to make a false tell, and that’s it, you’re caught, hook, line and sinker.

These are of course the many pitfalls of trying to use players’ poker tells against them, and the best thing that you could do would be study a player for consistency in his poker tells before you decide to act on them.

Most people, even those players who are experienced will find it difficult to remember exactly which of the poker tells they have been using throughout the game if they have an entire repertoire at their hands!